How To Setup Your Dropbox

When we start working with a new client one of the first things we like to do is setup a shared Dropbox for file sharing. The response is usually “Okay, how do I do that?”

We do this for a few reasons:

  • Reduces emails back and forth
  • Easy collaboration
  • Stored ‘in the cloud’ so no loss of files if a computer dies.

I intended on putting together my own step by step instructions but the fine people over at Dropbox have done a wonderful job so here it is.

To install, just head to the download page or click on the link in your email invitation.

To get the most out of Dropbox, you’ll want to install Dropbox on all of your computers and mobile devices. Once it’s installed, you’ll see a Dropbox folder on your hard drive. Put your stuff in your Dropbox folder and it will automatically upload for availability on all of your computers, phones, and tablets. It’s called syncing, and it’ll revolutionize the way you use computers.

For more about how Dropbox works, check out our tour pages. If you need more help or want to get started with some of our coolest collaboration features, peruse the Help Center articles in the Sharing category.

Check out this video:

Install desktop app from Dropbox on Vimeo.

We also use Dropbox to store all our family pics as an added safeguard and use the mobile app to automatically sync photo’s taken on our iphone. Depending on the amount of storage you need, it is free for up to 2GB.

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