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How many email campaigns should you send per month?

I came across these stats recently by the good people over at HubSpot. I was quite surprised and thought the number is quite high! What do you think?

We all want to know how many targeted email campaigns we should be sending in a month. While we want to stay top-of-mind for our leads and customers, we don’t want to overwhelm and annoy.

So at what point does email become “too much”? In our customer base, we’ve found that companies sending more than 30 email campaigns a month start to see lower email open and click rates. Note: Campaigns are defined as targeted, individual emails sent to a portion of a database — not an email blast to everyone.

The sweet spot? Sixteen to thirty email campaigns a month. Companies that send 16 – 30 campaigns a month see a click rate more than 2X greater than the click rate of companies that send 2 or fewer campaigns a month. At this frequency, companies enjoy a median open rate of 32.4% and median click rate of 6.5%.





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