9 Ways To Use SMS For Business

With open rates for SMS boasting a massive 90%+ you really can’t afford to leave it out of your marketing mix. Marketing aside, there are also other ways SMS can work for your business from debt collection to event management and sales automation. Let’s break them down here:

1. SMS Marketing
Send a personalised sale alert or build an opted in mobile list through a ‘text to win campaign’. Timed strategically it can be a powerful marketing tool.

2. SMS Reminders
Missed appointments can cost you time and money. Send a SMS reminder requesting a reply to confirm or a re-book.

3. Debt Collection
Increase your cashflow by sending a friendly reminder that payment is overdue. You also receive a delivery report that shows if the message was opened and when or if it bounced. No more “I didn’t get the message”.

4. Event Management
Organise staff, speakers and delegates with reminders and keep your event on track.

5. Ordering and Delivery
Keep your customer informed by SMS through key stages in your fulfilment process. For example, order received, despatched or being delivered on a certain date and time.

6. SMS Alerts
When an SMS is received the instinct is to read it immediately. Send important alerts that must get to your list asap.

7. People Management
Advise your sporting team that the venue has changed due to wet weather or your staff of a last minute roster change.

8. Sales Automation
Automate lead generation by using 2 ways SMS. Your sales staff can engage with a new lead instantly or set an automated response. A great example is a couple are driving around their favourite suburb on a Sunday afternoon looking at houses. They come across a house for sale and are immediately interested. On the sign outside is the prompt to text in for info. Further info on the property is then sent to them by automated SMS.

9. Customer Support
Allow customers to enquire and provide feedback via SMS. Messages can be forwarded to an email or integrated with a ticketing system like Zendesk.

If you think SMS can benefit your business (and you should after this list!) contact us to discuss how we can assist you to implement a SMS strategy or system today.

About Alicia

Alicia is the Managing Director of Macleay Design. Her expertise is Web Design (Wordpress) and Email Marketing. Alicia works with small business owners establishing a partnership that assists their business to grow.